How to find Tenant ID and Object ID as User

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Find the Tenant ID

Being a normal end user without any administrative roles, there are several ways to find the Tenant ID of the tenant to which your Azure AD account belongs. Some are presented here, I am sure there are more.

You can open the Azure Portal. Even if you are not allowed to navigate, which is likely, you can click on “Switch Directory” in the upper right corner and read the ID of your tenant.

You can also open My Sign-ins and navigate in the menu, for example to “Devices” or “Organizations”. The Tenant ID will show in the URL in the address bar in the browser.

Or, you can use PowerShell with the Azure AD module. Run the command Connect-AzureAD and enter your normal end user credentials. The Tenant ID is displayed right away.

Find the Object ID

There are also several ways to find the Object ID as a normal end user.

For once, you can view the browser activity using F12 while navigating through the Office portal or My Sign-ins. You can check through the HTTP requests until you find one with the Bearer token in the HTTP request header.

Copy the value from the Bearer field and paste it into

In the “Decoded Token” part, you will find the Object ID:

Another way is to use PowerShell again. After connecting to Azure AD, run the command Get-AzureADUser -searchstring <your user name>.

The Object ID is displayed.

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